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X One Phone Review | Real Review of the X One Smartphone And Why You Should Not Buy The XOne Mobile

X One Phone Review | Real Review of the X One Smartphone And Why You Should Not Buy The XOne Mobile

x1 phone my advice on the x1 phone is
buyer beware. I cannot find a single review on this phone but I did find some
comments on the x1 phone in some forums. “I just saw the advert on YouTube and
thought this looks dodgy” “they say they don’t spend on advertising but I was watching an advert! ” “it’s just a very polished advert full of lies to sell you a cheap phone” “it is just a Ulefone s10 pro rebranded it costs half that
amount” “I can’t help but think it’s been styled to sort of look like an iPhone 10
from the front so that wannabes can pose with it. “there’s nothing cutting-edge about it” “I’d expect very little at the price
which they’re making out the advert on YouTube”
They try to imply some
fictional hotshot Alan Moore started the company after working for Apple. I cannot
find any reference to this person online at all. It implies that he gave up his
job because he felt Apple were taking the mick out of its customers so he made
a company to make phones that were out of this world but at a great price.
I doubt that the after-sales service will be as slick as the advertising they
claim they don’t do. This is just a cheap rebranded Chinese smartphone phone produced to cash in on the Christmas market. When it comes to the x1 phone
despite the price I suggest you stay well clear. If you are looking for a
cheap but practical smartphone there there are plenty of branded alternatives
available on Amazon, many with great reviews. See the link in the video
description below for details of the best practical smartphones available at
reasonable prices many cheaper than the X one Phone This video was created by
content samurai AI software see below for full details.

22 comments on “X One Phone Review | Real Review of the X One Smartphone And Why You Should Not Buy The XOne Mobile

  1. IT''S A SCAM 100% !

    I fell victim to this scam but I paid via PayPal and they got my money back quickly.

    1:- They sent me a cheap Oukitel C15 Pro, I complained and they first said it was the same phone as the X one phone.

    2:- I said I wanted my money back and raised a PayPal complaint,

    3:- They then asked me to keep the phone and offered me a 10% discount if I withdrew the PayPal complaint.

    4:- I refused and they offered a full refund if I returned the phone with tracking information.

    5:- I sent the phone back and sent them and PayPal the tracking details.

    6:- The next day my money was refunded via PayPal.

  2. Yeah it wouldn't surprise me if a Chinese company employed a bunch of white fellas to market their phones. They use Europeans to market their products to Chinese people all the time. Just a cursory look at the design and it appears to resemble most smartphones of a similar price bracket. The Moto G7 Power would outshine this phones battery for around the same discounted price.

  3. Not only is the ad located for Europe, it is also for America. I am from Colombia and a guy named Rafa Valero appears in the ad, apparently Spanish

    Apparently everything is related to the TrendyGadgetRevies website, a cover where several scam products are advertised and apparently the real name is of a company called Applexa Ltd that is located in Hong Kong and in several media the name appears

    It is also worth mentioning that a distributor appears in Estonia and a website called

    English website:
    Castilian/Spanish website:

  4. Man, I'm so glad I found this YouTube video and read the review comments as it looks like I got sucked into this as well.
    Ordered the phone on 1st November but received a text from Royal Mail today saying I had to pay £19.95 customs charges before they release it. I paid it and then wondered if anyone else had the same experience, hence I started my Google searches.
    Thanks to you guys who have reviewed I ended up contacting Hyperstech online support and got exactly the same, bog-standard, reply about 10% discount if I keep it or a refund if I pay the postage and ensure it's tracked.
    I'd purchased additional screen protectors and covers so my amount was £187, and now the additional custom charge.
    Luckily I've paid via PayPal so I can open a dispute.

    Could I ask for a little guidance please:-
    1. For those of you that have raised a dispute via PayPal and received your money back would you mind sharing what reasons you gave?
    2. The phone is being delivered on Wednesday from Royal Mail and I'm wondering whether I should open the parcel or just simply wrap it in brown paper and return it.
    3. Should I open a dispute with PayPal in any case or do I need to open the box to prove that it's a low-cost product as referred to above?

    Any advice appreciated.
    Thanks for reading

  5. Thanks to your vid, i was saved from utter disappointment! I had just seen the ad, & thought this phone was ideal as a Xmas gift, I put in an order, then thought, I should look for reviews on YouTube, thankfully your vid, was the first to pop up, I immediately got in touch with them & cancelled my order.
    Thanks again, for the warning, & insight, to this scam! Stay Blessed

  6. The phone you get is not the phone you order. The specs are less than the one I ordered. I received an Oukitel C 15, this phone you can buy for 129 euro in webshops. I contacted this company and they told me this is the one you ordered, but when you don't like it you can return it to China. When you keep it we will give you an extra 10% discount. I think what they do is fraud. Let's fight them with a group and try to turn them down.

  7. About a week ago, I also watched a very slick YT advert for a drone, with almost exactly the same theme – of a designer disenchanted by his greedy company ripping off customers, who then decided to set up his own company and produce a better and less expensive product. The production values were also almost identical, alerting me to the likelihood of both being scams by the same merchant. Caveat emptor!

  8. I just received my xone after 6 weeks, with a 2600 mAh battery and was offered a 10% payback. Anybody knowing I there is a more power full Oukitel battery that fits the xone?

  9. Well Im honest enough to say I got sucked in by the advert, although I was pretty wasted at the time, and bought one these. Not only did it take 3 weeks to get here  its not an X one phone but a cheap OUKITEL C15 pro that I could bought at half the price. Sure its an ok phone for my usage but Im a little pissed of at the fake advertising ( it even comes in a X One phone box, with no instructions) but I guess the rule of life that if it looks to good to be true it probably is. Lesson learnt and I wish I had researched and found this site before I bought into this scam 🙁  .

  10. So glad you made the video! My son was highly suspicious of the product. I wanted a newer phone, and this seemed to fit the bill, but he kept saying I should try Samsung = tried and tested. So I did some digging around. I think UK Trading Standards should be informed, and similar action taken all over the world. YouTube should pull their 'non-advert' too. Many thanks!

  11. I fell for it also. It came yesterday – a C15 Pro. Just got an email reply Hyperstech "be assured you have got the right phone". So there IS no XOne phone as such. 10% Discount available if I want to keep it. Just after I placed the order, I realized the mistake, and rang my bank, who said they could take action, if the company wouldn't cancel the order. The company said it had been processed, too late, but I could return it. So maybe the bank can help. Like one commenter said, a group action would be good/best, but how to do that? Maybe as one did contacting the Daily Mail or other paper, would be good.

  12. Also in Denmark. With a Danish name of cause. Even though Swedish Ericsson has some development facilities here, , I think? Or have had? I thought, that the story was not trustworthy. We in Denmark are not know for all our smartphone manufacturers. More Nokia in Finland and Ericsson in Sweden, so, to me, at least. Also they say, that this person gathered his team, and fast developed a chip that operates faster than most other chips in the world. Well, if that was so easy, why would new chip manufacturers not just shoop up on "every street corner", so to say? So I also went to see, what it was, and they write this about not spending any money on advertising. And still Youtube is full of commercials. Funny, but they also said, that it is an European "start up company", of cause that sounded interesting, with so many things coming from Asia, these days? Maybe the "story" is not the same in all countries, but?

  13. Although I do believe this is a dodgy promo I am just wondering, if you are in fact t authentic why are you using an automated voiceover and not your real voice?

    As of this date being the 28th of December 2019 (a little over a month and a half from the time you posted this video) I can find a multitude of reviews online. Some are clearly sales promos by those wanting an affiliate commission and some appear to be authentic reviews..

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