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X1 RADIO – “A Day We Dream of ONE IT” EP.1 – Prologue (Eng/Indo sub)

“A Day We Dream of ONE IT”] Let us say hello. 2, 3! Fly High X1. Hello, we’re X1. All of the X1 members are gathered here. Have you all been doing well? – We all came together.
– We see each other every day. I was wondering how you were doing. – We’ve been doing well.
– We’ve been quite busy and it’s so nice to be able to say hello
with all the members at once. I’m sure all the ONE IT fans are
happy to hear us. – Yes.
– That’s right. Since we’re all saying hello to you on
a radio show, I think our fans might be imagining
the area we’re in right now. We’re all in one recording studio and sitting in a circle. And talking while looking into each other’s eyes. Yes, ONE IT fans only get to hear our voices
today. So why don’t we go around and introduce ourselves? – That sounds like a good idea.
– Shall we? Should I start? Hello ONE IT everyone.
I’m Seung-woo of X1. Hello I’m the voice you all wanted to hear,
Seung-youn. – Did you not know this?
– I knew it. – You did, right? – Yes. Hello, I’m X1’s Woo-seok. Hello I’m Yo-han of X1. Hello I’m the husky voice of X1, Han-gyul. Hi. I’m X1’s Jun-ho. Hi. I’m X1’s Dong-pyo. Please remember my voice. – Dong-pyo. – Dong-pyo? – Dong-pyo.
– All right Dong-pyo. Hello I’m Min-hee of X1. Hello I’m Eun-sang of X1. Hello. Hello, I’m the inarticulate voice, Hyeong-jun. Dissing himself. Hello, I’m X1’s Nam Do-hyon. From where’s he’s sitting, it looks like Do-hyon is our DJ. – He’s alone.
– And we’re the guests. – Like the DJ. He looks laid back. There’s a reason we’re all gathered here
today, right? What do you think the reason is? – What can it be?
– What can it be? – What can it be?
– We miss ONE IT fans every day, right? But we can’t see them everyday and we
were thinking about ways we can meet our fans and then we decided to come up with a way
gather around and talk to our fans. So here we are. And we discussed coming together often. Yes, the only reason X1 exists is because
of ONE IT. You’re the reason we can exist. So we’re going to try to make as many
opportunities as we can to come and meet you. – Min-hee. – The tone was so natural.
– Do you have a script with you Min-hee? You don’t have a script, do you? I didn’t think we had scripts. Let’s try to make the most opportunities
we can! – That was prepared. – You could have sounded
more natural. – How about you do that again? So we’re going to try to make as many
opportunities as we can to communicate with our fans. The tone was so low. – We’re going to come see our fans often.
– Yes. – We’re going to try anyways.
– Thank you. – That’s what that means. It’s great when we get to see each other
face to face but talking with a VOICE ONLY V LIVE
is nice too, right? – Of course.
– It has its charm. Like we said earlier, it feels like we’ve
become real radio DJs. – Right Do-hyon?
– Earlier… Do you feel like a DJ? Yes, I do. – How come Do-hyon is so laid back today?
– It looks cool. Yes, I hope X1 and ONE IT will be able to meet
more regularly and frequently from now on. We really hope so. Since all the members are here today to
meet with ONE IT, we wanted to do something special.
And we just talked about radio DJs, right? – Yes.
– Yes. How about we become DJs for today? – Great.
– Good idea. Then let’s go ahead and pretend that today’s
V LIVE is a radio show program. A time when all the members of X1 and
ONE IT fans can communicate by voice. Members! What do you think it would be like
if we were to have a program like this every day? Have you ever thought that you’d like to
the DJ of a radio show? – Of course.
– A lot. We’ve been on a lot of radio shows too. I imagined what it would feel like if
I was sitting in the seat of the DJ at times. Radio show have a charm that’s different
from TVs. How about our younger members? To be honest, I’ve always thought that I’d like to appear on a radio show with all the X1 members. – It’s different to hear your voice on mikes
like this. – Yes. I love how this feels. – Your dream came true. – Really? – Can you
explain what it feels like for you? For our ONE IT fans. – Tell them how it feels.
– How I feel? – With your voice. How does it feel? Was that ASMR? Great. – Good.
– I like that kind of thing. An expert. We’ll be on this show often, right? Then we should come up with a title first. Since it’s our first time, let’s make up a title first. – Good.
– A title. – What kind of ideas do you have? X1 and ONE IT? – Simple.
– Really simple. – Right? – Was it too simple?
– Like “Me and You”. – It’s supposed to be… Then how about the other way around?
ONE IT and X1. – An application.
– That’s not bad. – What else?
– X ONE IT. X ONE IT. – Not bad.
– You’re complimenting yourself? – What else?
– That’s a good one. – X ONE IT. – X ONE IT.
– X ONE IT. How about this. “A Day We Dream of ONE IT”. – Nice.
– Like a radio show… – Because… – He’s so creative. – We’re doing a
radio like program because we want to, right? It expresses our voices and it also means our fans. Something we want to do and the
name of our fans combined. – Nice.
– I think that’s the best one. – And… Radio shows are also called in abbreviation. – ONE Dream Day.
– ONE Dream Day. Nice. Seems like everyone is agreeing. – Shall we decide on this one right away?
– Sure. – All of a sudden?
– This is the fun of it. – Yeah. – We need to hurry up and decide
these things. No need for complications. – Yes.
– ONE Dream Day. – ONE Dream Day is nice. ONE IT is all we need. – So sweet.
– So sweet. – I didn’t know why I smelled something
sweet. – There’s some chocolate. – There was some chocolate.
– Yes. So sweet. Nice. We hope that we’ll be able to continue
ONE Dream Day for a long time. Even if we’re not always together, members that have free time can
run the show together. That’s nice. Like a radio unit… Nice. Anyways, it’s the first day of ONE Dream Day. – Yes. – ONE Dream Day.
– Smooth. – Then did you have anything you had wanted to
try on shows like this? Any wishes? – I…
– I… – I wanted to sing.
– Singing is nice. – Singing is good. Since they can only hear our voices, there are many more contents we can think of. Like ASMR… – Yeah.
– ASMR. I wanted to sing for our fans. For example, songs that you had wanted
to hear us sing. Or songs that we had wanted to play for our fans. I think we were always the ones to recommend
songs to our fans. – Yes.
– But now our fans can recommend songs to us and we can listen to them together and
talk about it. – Nice.
– Let’s try it. – Great idea.
– What about you Do-hyon? You haven’t spoken. What did you want to try on a radio show? I just want the fans to be able to hear me a lot. – Eating shows.
– Rap. – Yes. I think Do-hyon would be go at this. Can I say mention the title…?
On “Cultwo Show”, they have a section where they act
out the messages sent by listeners. – Do-hyon likes to act.
– He likes acting in pretend situations. – He likes to act in pretend situations.
– He really does. – I bet he’d be good at it. – He loves them.
– And he likes to eat too. – ASMR is popular these days. – Eating shows.
– I bet we could do an eating show too. – They’re all good ideas. – Since we can
make good eating sounds. – Can you try it now? – An apple.
– Try eating the chocolate next to you. – Chocolate.
– That’s hard. Anything is fine. – An apple.
– Doesn’t Do-hyon make that sound really well? – The sound of pouring a drink?
– Great. Try that. – He’s satisfied.
– He’s so happy. – He’s so satisfied.
– I thought he was drinking a real drink. – That’s the charm of radio shows.
– That’s right. – Yes.
– That would be fun. – Nice. I like to talk about myself and I wanted hear how ONE IT fans are doing too. So I think it would be nice to listen to. – To communicate. – To communicate.
– Discussing our concerns. Discussing our concerns. I always like to listen to other people’s concerns. Ever since I was young, I was interested in
learning what people think. – So our… – What people really think. – So
serious. – Any messages of what you’re thinking… I want to take some time to go over
concerns that our listeners might have. Problem solver. What kind of messages do you hope to get
Dong-pyo? What kind of messages? Bright ones or ones that require a lot of thinking. To be honest I just want to listen to what kind of concerns
our fans have on a daily basis. I’d like to share lots of stories. Are you confident that you’ll be able to solve them? I like to listen to what my friends
are concerned about. I used to do that all the time. So I think I’ll be able to communicate
with our fans well too. – I might not be able to solve everything but…
– The communicator. – He always… – Tells us what is bothering him.
– To listen to their concerns. – And relate to them. – Friends who listen well
are the best friends. – Just listen though. – That’s a perfect fit then.
– Yes. Shall we organize what we have so far? – Good idea.
– Good idea. I want to listen to what our fans
are concerned about. – Listening to their concerns. – Cute.
– I have this bright image so… I’m sorry. You must find this really funny. – No… – This is funny for Seung-woo.
– You didn’t hear what he said, did you? We’re still really young. No when he said that he wants to listen to
other people’s concerns, he went “Oh,
problem solver”… And then when we talked about communicating,
he said, “communicator”. – Sincerely…
– It was you wasn’t it? – Who said that?
– Isn’t this nice though? – We can decide our nicknames.
– Yes. – Problem solver. Problem solver. – We can use them.
– Message man. – Problem solver.
– Guy who reads the messages. – Then we have a message man.
– Today… – We have a message for today.
– Today’s… – Problem solver. – Problem solver.
– We can ask where the message man is. Nice. That sounds like fun. We’ll keep going. I’m sorry. So Dong-pyo is going to be the
one that listens? – We have to decide teams. – Yes.
– Since we mentioned messages, let’s decide on who will listen to
concerns from our fans. – Yes. That’s right.
– I like to listen to what other people have to say. – Min-hee. – If it’s possible, I’d like to be
a counselor too. – Counselor. – Counselor.
– Counselor. – Me too. I like talking and…
– Yes. – But I also like to listen too so I’ll be the
story teller. – OK. – Story teller. OK, Do-hyon can be the piano man. Piano-man. I’ll be Superman. – Superman?
– Since he goes to the supermarket a lot. That’s a fact. – What else?
– This is so much fun. – What about Hyeong-jun? Then I’ll also be… The counselor job is so popular. I want to do it too. – What?
– I want to do that too. – You do?
– You do? – What do you want to do Hyeong-jun? How about man-man-man? Can we recommend someone? – What?
– Eun-sang always listens to my concerns. All the 02 members. – Yeah.
– That’s right. – Oh yeah.
– I’m for it. – 02 members. Nice. Worldcup Man… Oh yeah, the Worldcup man. – Nice. – Jun-ho, Dong-pyo, me,
Eun-sang, and Hyeong-jun. – We’ll be the counselors.
– Nice. – I like the counselor.
– Counselor. – Counselor. You can swap with Eun-sang from time
to time. He’s the problem solver. – Problem solver. – One by one. – It’d be nice if
you can listen to our concerns later. – Nice.
– Sure. Anytime. Silent-man was here for a second. Silent-man. He was just here. – Then now… – Let’s continue.
– Then other than listening to our fans’ concerns, – we mentioned a few other things.
– Yes. – Shall we decide on a few? – Yes.
We can’t leave out music. Yes that’s right. Seung-woo, Seung-youn and Woo-seok
said they wanted to sing… – Yes.
– Yes. I wanted to talk a bit about music. Then you three can sing for our fans. Problem solved. There must be a script around here somewhere. – The problem solver!
– The problem solver. Thank you so much! – Thanks.
– Thanks, problem solver. Problem solver. The counselors get on their jobs. – Great.
– Are we done then? The three of us… – All we need to do is just sing…
– Just sing. That’s part of the counseling job. – Problem solver knows best.
– He’s a good counselor. – Great.
– We’re so proud of you. Next, someone mentioned acting in given situations. – Do-hyon would like that…
– Do-hyon is a great actor. – Yes.
– Yes. Actor-man. – He always acts.
– You’re adding “man” to everything. I bet we’d be adding “man” to everything. – Then… – Great. – Who else wants to…
– Who else wants to act? Yo-han has been interested in acting lately. Han-gyul too. – Yeah. – That’s right.
– Ever since “Hotel Del Luna”. – The two of them. – Then me and Han-gyul… – Yes.
– And Do-hyon and me. The three of us. – You can act.
– Actor-man? – You can make it interesting.
– I really do think it will be fun. – Great. – I bet this is going to be lots
of fun. – We’ll be looking forward to it. – If you look forward to it… – I bet I’ll love
to see this too. – We’re a bit burdened but… – Can you give us a spoiler?
– Just one? – A short one.
– A made up situation. – Do-hyon go!
– Make up situation. Why did you do that to me earlier? – But he always says similar things. – Yeah. – He always says that.
– He always asks why. – Why did you?
– He’s always curious. – Why did you do that? – We’re never sure why.
– Counselors, what do you think was wrong? – What do you think was the matter?
– Problem solver, help! Why did you do that earlier? – Please help.
– But I… Earlier… As soon as Do-hyon got up… Do-hyon is on a diet. – Puberty.
– We said he shouldn’t eat something. – And he was upset. – Diet-man.
– I think that’s what was wrong. – So.
– Diet-man. Diet-man. – Diet-man.
– As we’re talking into the mikes right now, there’s a controller above us. Controller-man. – This radio show is made possible with the help
of man people. – That’s right. There are so many people helping us. I think we’re about done with the roles. Jun-ho, Dong-pyo, Min-hee, Eun-sang,
Hyung-jun, the 02 friends… – Or ONE IT. – Problem solvers.
– The older members. They’ll listen to the concerns our ONE IT
fans have and try to solve them. – 5 problem solving brothers.
– Seung-woo, Seung-yeon and I will address the music related contents that
we’re interested in. – Great.
– Han-gyul, Yo-han and Do-hyun as you saw earlier, will act out situations. – That seems like it’s about it. – Fighting.
Do you all agree? – Yes we do. – Great.
– Great. – I think we’re done now. What do you
think Yo-han? – Great. Great. Now since that we’ve divided into teams, I think it would be a good idea to decide
on the section titles. on the section titles. – That’s true. – Since we decided on One Dream
Day. – Isn’t that a job for the problem solver? – We might come up with amazing names…
– Oh no. Good. Shall we start with the message team? – Shall I try?
– Sure. Since Dong-pyo, Min-hee, Eun-sang, and
Hyeong-jun take care of messages… – Yes. – Shall we come up with a name
that concerns that? I thought you already had a title ready. – I’m sorry.
– Do you have a script? Do you have a script? – This is a little…
– We didn’t have a script… – I was nervous. I’ll give it a try. – We were all born in 2002.
– Yes. – Yes. We’re like a unit under the name 02s. Our fans made that name for us. Maybe we could try, “02s’ counseling center”. – 02s’ counseling center.
– Nice idea. – What else?
– Something with 02? Yes, probelm solver isn’t a bad idea either. I like that one too. Problem solver. – 0-Go. – Isn’t that good?
– I like 0-Go. – Today, I did some wood work earlier. I hammered a lot. Wait, if you combine counseling center and
02s’, it’s Go2 in Korean. – Same as a junior in high school.
– Yes. So you won’t be able to do it next year? – Then 0-Go… – No, no.
– The problem solver. – Then we can only do it for 2 months?
– The trainees of problem solvers. Nice. Good idea. The problem solver was so funny earlier. – Problem solver. – I want to
recommend that one really strongly. – Simple. – Very simple.
– Simple and funny. For example, our fans would go like,
“Hey, did you listen to the problem solver
yesterday”? – We had 3 “men” earlier.
– Yes. Counselor, problem solver. – And what else? Message-man.
– Message-man. – How about “man, man, man”?
– “Man, man, man”. – Nice.
– Man, man, man. – Man, man, man?
– Man, man, man… That’s really catchy. – Nice. – That reminds me of cicada in Korean.
– So its Man, man, man? What do you think, 02 members? I love it. – What do you want to do?
– What is this? – Let’s try it. – Let’s let the 02 members
have the final say. – Decide on a motto for your team.
– Will you settle on one and try it out? – All together.
– Should we? We have 3 options so far.
“02s’ counseling center”. – Problem solver.
-Problem solver. – Why do I love the sound of that so much?
– Problem solver sounds perfect. – Problem solver sounds perfect.
– It’s really funny too. – I want to do problem solver. – Me too.
I want to recommend it strongly. – Problem solver. – Do-hyon…
– Slightly… – Do-hyon.
– You look like a listener sitting there like that. – You look like a ONE IT fan.
– Someone in the audience. No, he’s already acting. He’s pretending
to be a ONE IT fan. Nice. Then can you try “We’re problem solvers”
as a practice motto? – OK.
– Please try it. – Make it sound real.
– 1, 2, 3, “Hello, we’re problem solvers”. – Good.
– What? Eun-sang didn’t have this in mind. He wanted to be serious. – Yeah. – He wanted to sound
really serious and solve problems. But all of a sudden, we came up with
“problem solver”! and… – Now…
– He was a bit bewildered. – But we’ll be able to get serious later on.
– Yes. Problem solver is fine. Shall we go with problem solver then? – Yes. – Good idea.
– I agree. Shall we shout out, “we’re problem solvers”! – Good idea.
– He’s already stuck to the idea. – Come on. – 1, 2, 3, we’re problem solvers.
– OK. 1, 2, 3! We’re problem solvers! It sounds kind of like Bacteria man. Nice. Very nice. Next. Shall we make up the title for the music contents? – Seung-youn, Seung-woo, and Woo-seok
all have “s” sounds and “o” sounds, right? – Yes. That’s right. – Oh yeah. – Yeah.
– Nice observation. – Loud noises. – Seung, Seung, Seok.
– S and O. – Now I get it. – Seung, Seok, Seung. – That’s cool.
– How about “s” and “o” sounds? – “S” and “O”? Isn’t that too simple?
– Yes. – Cute.
– What? – O and S. O sounds cute.
– S, O. – S, O? – Yes. Our names. I have an O and S. O and S is cute. Like Dong-pyo said. – O and S?
– How about Wooswa? – Hold on. – Wooswa. What? Wooswa. It sounds like Wooroosa. – Isn’t that indirect advertisement?
– Ji Seokjin… – Wooroosa. – Nice.
– Wooswa. – It’s hot. It’s hot here. What else? – That’s unbeatable. – How about this?
– That’s funny. Hang from Han Seung-woo and Youn of
Cho Seung-youn and Woo of Kim Woo-seok. Han-Yeon-Woo? – A different way of thinking.
– The other way around. – Woo-Yeon-Han.
– Woo-Yeon-Han. – Woo-Yeon-Han. – Nice idea. – Good idea
for a title. – Right?
– That’s perfect. – Dong-pyo said it sounds like an old guy.
– And old guy? – No never mind. Why are you saying that? – Wooswa is more like an old fashioned name.
– Wooswa… – Is it trendy?
– It’s a bit trendy… – It’s trendy. – Wooswa is funny. – Right?
– I’m hot. – What does it mean?
– It has no meaning. I just kept thinking about a word that had a
lot of “o” and “s” sounds. – And I came up with “Wooswa”.
– Wooswa. Isn’t it OK? Hello, we’re Wooswa. – We should do it in harmony. – Right? – Not bad. – I’m jealous of that. – Let’s pick one. What should we do?
– Should we pick a serious one or a funny one. – I think we can do both. I’m OK with
either one. – Honestly… I’ll go as Seung-woo says. – Do I have get to decide?
– Yes, Seung-woo always makes the decisions. So we’ll pass it on to him this time too. – I’ll go with Wooswa.
– Great. Me too. – Then shall we try it out?
– 1, 2, 3. We’ll go with Wooswa. – Nice and simple. – In harmony.
– Start with “Woo”. Woo~ Wooswa. – Why did you only sing in harmony?
– What’s that supposed to be? – OK. – This is fun. – Wooswa.
– Swa is the same note, right? – OK. Let’s go! Woo-swa. – Nice. – It’s so much fun. We’ll go with “Wooswa”. – Yes, nice.
– Now we’re up to the last one. – Then…
– This is funny if you think about it. “Hey did you listen to “Wooswa” last night”? – Wooswa.
– “Hey Wooswa is so much fun”. – “Wooswa is so much fun”.
– Wooswa. – Then… – Yes. Now we only have the
acting friends left. – I think that…
– This one is really hard. I think it will be the section where we will
laugh the most. – Yeah. – Since it’s acting.
– Yes. – All of your names have the sound “h”
in them. Han-gyul, Yo-Han, Do-hyon. – Yeah. – “H, h, h”. – Shall we try “h”?
– H, h, h. – It sounds familiar. We did something like this when we
were playing the game holding in laughter. – Didn’t we do something like this?
– Yeah, yeah. Do-hyon seems so happy. – Laughing is related to bellybuttons.
– Yeah. – Bellybuttons. – On a search to find
your bellybuttons. – Something like this. – Explorers for
bellybuttons. – Explorers for bellybuttons. – Something like this?
– That sounds pretty good. You know how there’s a X in
our group name, right? Most of the time, the bellybutton is
drawn as an “X”. – Bellybutton X.
– Good idea. – Wow…
– Good idea. – Is it a good idea?
– It kind of seems like… It seems like this should be the funniest team. But the funniest title is the “Problem solvers”. I think we’re the funny ones. – Shall we change our team?
– The serious team is so funny today and in the future the funniest team
can run this section. – Good good.
– We can give it up for today. Since we have a really simple and funny name, – Bellybutton-man. – Be careful so you
don’t lose your bellybuttons. – Mind your bellybuttons.
– Is that OK? Mind your bellybuttons. – Do-hyon likes it the most.
– Shall we shorten it more? Mind the bellybutton. – Not bad.
– That sounds like a good idea too. Are we really going to use bellybutton? – How about belly?
– Just bellybutton. – How about “B”?
– B. – That’s not bad either… – How much more can you shorten it?
– Bellybutton. – Whatever you want.
– How about Bellybutton? – Which one? – Bellybutton. – Bellybutton?
– Bellybutton. – That’s not bad either. – Yeah, that’s good.
– Bellybutton is cute. – Bellybutton is cute. – It’s cute.
– Sounds like “peak”. – Yeah. – We’ll go with Bellybutton. – Bellybutton.
– How about X1’s Button-man? – Button-man is cool. – Man? – Yes.
– Is that good? Are we all fixed on the name? Then we’ll go with Button-man. Bellybutton? What? – Another “man”? – Button-man.
– Just button-man. – Bellybutton. – Bellybutton. – Let’s go with Bellybutton.
– Let’s go with Bellybutton. – Bellybutton. – Bellybutton.
– OK, then the last team is Bellybutton. – Shall we say hello? Hello, we’re…
– We’re the Bellybuttons. Do-hyon didn’t say anything. How about, “Hello, we’re Bellybuttons”! – Hello, we’re…
– Bellybuttons. You do it alone. – Good, good, good.
– Good, good, good. – Bellybutton. – Cute. – 2, 3! Hello,
we’re! – Bellybuttons. – So cute.
– New and fresh name. – Great.
– Then let’s organize it for the last time. What is the name of Jun-ho, Dong-pyo, Min-hee,
Eun-sang, Hyeong-jun’s team? – Problem solvers.
– Problem solvers. – Problem solvers. – You should introduce yourself.
– On the count of 3. – 1, 2, 3. – You have to do it.
– 1, 2, 3! – We’re problem solvers!
– We’re problem solvers! – Again. Do we go “we’re”?
– I’m sorry. – Why can’t you get it together?
– 1, 2, 3! We’re problem solvers! We’ll go right away. 1, 2, 3! We’re problem solvers! – Good. – Since we have so many members,
we can’t help it. – Really? Yes, Seung-woo, Seung-youn, Wooseok.
Shall we go? – Go!
– Wooswa. – Nice and neat. – We sound so practiced
and ready. – Neat. – Yeah. – Next up is Han-gyul, Yo-han
and Do-hyon. – 1, 2, 3! Hello, we’re…
– Bellybutton. – This is fun. – It’s a lot of fun.
– This part was the most fun. – Wow. There are 5 problem solvers already. There are lots of various super heroes
in cartoons. There’s always just one hero though. – Who is red?
– Me. – Really? – In completely all blue…
– And there’s yellow too. I’m yellow. – Awesome.
– It’s so amazing. Yellow itself. Anyways, it’s all great. All right. So we decided on the members
and their names. And we also went around to say how
we’ll participate on today’s show. – Doesn’t it feel like something is being made?
– Yes. – Programs have a permanent logo song.
Right? – Logo song. – Yes. That’s right. – Logo songs that are played in between
commercials. – Yes. We love advertisements. Please give us a call. – We like advertisements.
– Yes. Totally. Shall we try making a logo song then? – Good idea.
– Do we make it ourselves? It would be nice if someone suggests a chord
that would be good for our logo song. – You can’t see it but we have a piano here.
– Yes. – Piano man.
– Piano man, on stage. – Piano man. – Piano man.
– Yes. – Piano man.
– Please go on out. – I’m looking forward to this. – Do-hyon, please
recommend a basic chord to start with. – Yes. – Shall we use that one we used
on “IDOL ROOM”? – I was sad to see that being forgotten.
– Were you? – Can we copy another song? I think we can just change the lyrics a bit. – Change the lyrics a bit.
– Do-hyon, do you remember the chords? Please play it a little. I can’t remember it… Ready, go! – Like this.
– Yes something like this. – Shall we decide on this? – I think I remember.
– I have an idea. – Yes. – There are 4 bars.
– Yes. Let’s each make a line with our team names. – And then come up with the last part together?
– And put them together? – Good idea.
– Nice. – For example, “I’ll fix all your problems, problem solver”. – “Please find my belly button”.
– Something like that. – Nice. Good idea. – OK. – Let’s try that.
– We can each insert our names. – “Find our bellybuttons”. – We’ll do the one
that was mentioned earlier. – I have lyrics I
want to use. – What’s that?
– We can use this for our team. “There’s no reason, wooswa (just laugh)”. – “There’s no reason, wooswa (just laugh”.
– For fun. – OK, OK. We have ours decided. – Problem solver solved it.
– You’re fast. – What should we do?
– Problem solver. Problem solver. Does this repeat? This is a repetition. – Just 4 bars, right?
– Yes. – What should we do?
– Are you done? “Tell us your concerns, I’ll listen to them”… – Shouldn’t we insert “Problem solver”?
– Problem solver? – We have to put that in, right? But it’s kind of childish. “Problem solver”. Keep it childish until the end then.
“Problem solver is here”. “Tell us your concerns”. Not bad, huh? – Let’s do that. – “Tell us your concerns”.
– Good idea. – Nice one. “Tell us your concerns, the problem solver is here”.
Good, good. – “Tell us your concerns”.
– Let’s try this in the beginning. “Problem solver is here, the bellybutton”…
What comes after that? “There’s no reason, wooswa (just laugh)”. “I’ll find your bellybutton”. “We’ll listen to all your concerns”. We can do “We’ll play you some music”. – And then the last part, “Your laughter”…
– “We’ll make you laugh”. We’ll make sure you laugh… “We’ll make you laugh
too, A Day We Dream of ONE IT”. – That’s good.
– That’s good. I think we just need to organize the
first 4 bars. That’s difficult. – “Problem solver is here”.
– I think that was good. I like it. – Like a simple opening.
– Are you OK with that? – I think that’s a good one too.
– Great, great. – Simple.
– “There’s no reason, wooswa”. – Cute. “There’s no reason, wooswa”. Then we can go “Problem solver is here,
there’s no reason wooswa”. “Don’t forget your bellybutton”. A Day We Dream of ONE IT. We can
end it with “don’t forget your bellybutton”. – “Tell us your concerns”.
– Was that what we decided on? “Tell us your concerns”. Like this. “Tell us your concerns. We’ll play some
music”. How about this? “We’ll listen to your concerns and play
some music”. “We’ll even make you laugh,
A Day We Dream of ONE IT”. – Nice!
– Yes! – Great.
– Let’s use this. Shall we try it with Do-hyon on the piano? – Shall we just see how it goes?
– Shall we? – Let’s just see how it goes. Let’s make it sound sweet. Seung-woo is
into sweetness these days. 5, 6, 7, 8! “Problem solver is here, there’s no reason
wooswa (just laugh)”. “We’ll find your bellybutton here”. “We’ll listen to your concerns and play
some music”. – “We’ll even make you laugh”…
– We should keep the beat slow towards the end. – “Laugh”…
– “We’ll even make you laugh”. “A Day We Dream of ONE IT”. OK! – All we need is some practice. – Let’s try it
seriously. – Let’s try it again. – Let’s sing it for real. One more time? – What did we have? – We should probably
remember our lyrics. – I can’t remember. “Problem solver is here”. “Don’t forget your bellybutton”.
How about this? – “Don’t forget your bellybutton “A Day we
dream of ONE IT”. – “We’ll listen to your concerns”. We’ll sing that part together anyways. “Problem solver is here,
I’ll listen to your concerns”. – Organizing the lyrics.
– Are you done? – Yes. – Yes, we’re done. – Let’s try signing it without
any background music. – Good idea. 5, 6, 7, 8! “Problem solver is here, there’s no reason,
wooswa (just laugh)”. – We…
– “There’s no reason, wooswa”. OK. – We’ll try again.
– 5, 6, 7, 8! “Problem solver is here. There’s no
reason wooswa”. “Don’t forget your bellybutton”.
“A Day we dream of ONE IT”. “We’ll listen to all your concerns and
play some music”. “We’ll make sure you laugh,
A Day we dream of ONE IT”. Yes! OK, OK! – Let’s try it with some music now.
– We’ll try it with music. – “Play some music”.
– Piano man. “We’ll make sure you laugh,
A Day we dream of ONE IT”. – OK! – Let’s do that last part all together.
I think that would be better. – Yes. – Shall we try the “We’ll make sure you laugh”
together? – Yes. Together. – “We’ll make
sure you laugh”. – “We’ll make sure you laugh,
A Day we dream of ONE IT”. – 5, 6, 7, 8! “Problem solver is here,
there’s no reason, wooswa”. “Don’t forget your belly button”.
“A day we dream of ONE IT”. “We’ll listen to all your concerns
and play some music” “We’ll make sure you laugh,
A day we dream of ONE IT”. – That’s great!
– That was great. – That’s the vibe. – That was awesome!
– Mission accomplished.
– Now go back, piano man! – Go back!
– Return to your seat! – Good job, piano man!
– Thank you. – Piano man! – I think we’ll have it recorded by the time
the second episode airs. – Great job! – Perhaps.
– That was wonderful. – We did well.
– That was good. – So that was the logo song we made.
– Yes. You know there are messages from sponsors
in between shows like this, right? – Yes.
– I’d love to have them as well. – Sponsors.
– Please contact us. – We’re always ready.
– Chicken, cosmetics, you name it! – You know, it could be meaningful for us to
make them ourselves. – Right. – So we make our own advertisement?
– Like a commercial song? – Should we make one?
– Sure. I mean, we already have our songs. There are instrumental tracks in our album,
“Emergency: Quantum Leap”. Perhaps we could make some great commercial
songs using those tracks? That’s a good idea. I think that’d be nice. We can keep the teams. The commercial songs will be for
each team anyways. – Should we decide which song we want to use?
– Sure. Let’s try it with one part of a song. Let’s change the lyrics and make
a commercial song. – Sounds good. – Which song would
you like to use? I want to do “Flash”. I have an idea already. – Really? – What is it?
– Anyone else thinking of “Flash?” – I’ll give that one to you.
– It’s yours. I also kind of want to give it to
the Problem Solvers, though. – The Problem Solvers are eyeing “Like Always”.
– We’re thinking about “Like Always”. – They already have things going.
– We have things in mind already. “Flash” is perfect for the Problem Solvers, though! – Should we just go with “MOVE” then?
– “MOVE” it is. “MOVE” is your choice? Belly button. – Our team will go with “I’m Here for You”.
– Move with your belly button. Move with your belly button?! “Wooswa swa swa (Smile)”. “Wooswa swa swa”. – That’s nice.
– Nice, right? – “Wooswa swa swa”.
– What should we do? “Wooswa swa swa swa”. – That’s sweet.
– Let’s go with that. So, everyone’s got an idea, right? – No, we’re just getting started.
– You’re just getting started? – Don’t you like “MOVE?”
– What are you going to do with it? “Move your belly button!” Like this. “Move your belly button!” “Move your belly button!” – That’s good. “Move your belly button!”
– Isn’t it good? Problem Solvers, I’m looking forward to yours! These two guys are doing everything. – Are you done? – We’re done.
– We’re looking forward to yours. – We’re good.
– “Smile!” OK. – 02s! Let’s hear from you first.
– Oh, us? – Are you done? – “Move!”
– We’re finished. I’m sorry, we’re not done yet. “Listen, problem solver”. – This is the part we want to use.
– Do-hyon, you should explain. – “I’ll be your counselor”.
– Nice. “We’ll solve all your problems”.
Kind of like this. – Nice.
– I need to touch up the words. We’ll finish as soon as possible. “We’ll be your counselors. We’ll be your
problem solvers”. We’ll give you 1 minute to discuss
before you present. – 1 minute.
– That’s more than enough. – I don’t think we need more time.
– We’ve got the idea. That’s all? Just two times? OK. – We’re done. – All done?
– Yes. All done. We’re done. So, for ONE IT…
Oh, are you done as well? – Problem Solvers?
– Yes. – All solved?
– The problem’s been solved. – But it’s not been shared.
– Counselor needed! – Messenger. – Messenger.
– I can talk about it, first. – Please sing it for us.
– First, “We’ll be your counselors”.
– Messenger. – So much prepared!
– “Whatever you say.” “We’ll solve all the problems!”
No, that wasn’t it! – Why, why? Slow down!
– Can I have a pen, please? That much effort? This is so important!
It’ll be aired every week! I think we’re going to be a while. 1 minute is enough. – Let me know when you’re done.
– You’re mocking me, huh? There’s no time, man! – There’s no time!
– No time, man! This is such a rare chance for
all of us to be together. Someone keeps talking weird. Hear us out. “We’ll be your counselors.
Whatever you say, we’ll solve your problems”. – That’s it.
– He is the explaining man, now. – Great.
– Sounds good. – Let’s go with that. – Everyone’s got that?
– “We’ll be your counselors”. – “Whatever you say,
we’ll solve all your problems”.
– OK. – You’ve got it?
– Get it! Alright, so for all ONE IT listening to this show, let’s present what we have
one by one. – Pass me the lyrics.
– Shall we go first? – Problem Solvers, first.
– You know the words, right? Yes. “We’ll be your counselors.
Whatever you say, we’ll solve your problems”. That’s all. Or, we could do this, too.
After the first line, “We’ll be your counselors,” and then
two of us go, “Problem Solvers!” “Problem Solvers!” – That’s how we should finish. – Sounds nice. – I’ll do the “Problem Solvers!”
– Hyeong-jun, do it by yourself.
– Hyeong-jun should do it. – Hyeong-jun.
– “Problem Solvers!” OK, OK, OK! – Problem Solvers!
– “We’ll be your counselors”. – Problem Solvers! Problem Solvers! – I’ll give that to you.
– And then… Problem Solver! – I’m good, bro.
– That’s nice. It’ll sound different every day
depending on your mood. – Let’s try that.
– Problem Solvers, are you ready? – Yes.
– We’ll play the instrumental track. Give us the instrumental track! – “We’ll be your counselors”.
– Problem Solvers! – “Whatever you say, we’ll solve all your
problems”. – Problem Solvers! What was that? – Problem Solvers.
– Done! – Just like how they mocked you.
– That was great. – Awesome! – So good.
– That was cute. How fun. Sometimes, when Hyeong-jun is happy, – he’ll be like, “Problem Solvers!”
– Right. – “Problem Solvers!” – Cute.
– Today, he’s still shy. He is a shy person. – Later, once he gets used to it, he might be
like, “Problem Solvers!” – Right. You’ll be able to hear many different versions. Problem Solvers, you were great.
Is it our turn now? – Us? – We’ll do the chorus of the first verse. First verse, chorus, “I’m Here for You”. “Wooswa swa swa”. “Wooswa swa swa”. “Smile” “Wooswa swa swa swa”. That’s it. – Why so sad?
– And silly. – But it’s sad! – I like the last part.
– Great vibe. – Right?
– I like it. – I like the vibe. This is like a warm-up before singing. – Before you start singing.
– Because you have to warm up your voice. – It’s a great warm-up.
– Warm-up for your voice. – Next up is the Belly Button team.
– Us. – You seemed to be working hard. We weren’t working hard at all.
Do-hyon was so quick. – I’m looking forward to this one.
– Are you? You shouldn’t. We used the song “MOVE”
from our album. – “MOVE”.
– Yes, “MOVE”. That’s the song we used. – Would you take a listen? – OK.
– Can you play the second chorus? – No, the first chorus is fine.
– We can fit in? Play the chorus, please. Belly button! – “Move”.
– Belly button. “Move your belly button!” Belly button. That’s all. – What? Belly button? – That’s all we’ve got.
Belly button. – Do-hyon’s got a new nickname. He’s the timing man! The timing man! “Move. Belly button!” Like this. – “Move. Belly button!”
– As in, move your belly button, right? – Move your belly button.
– Move. “Move your belly button!” OK, team Belly Button.
That was great. – Thank you. – So, we all gave that a try. Now let’s present the songs for real,
starting from the Problem Solvers. – One by one.
– Good. – Drop the beat! – Beat.
– Drop the beat! – “We’ll be your counselors”.
– Problem Solvers! – “Whatever you say, we’ll solve
all your problems”.
– Problem Solvers! – That’s it.
– That was clean. – Cute. Very cute.
– Now, the smile song. – Smile. Smile. Hey, DJ, let’s drop the beat! Seung-woo’s BGM! A ballad, all of a sudden? “Smile”. – Sorry, let’s do that again.
– Again? – We’ll do that again.
– One more time. “Smile”. – “Wooswa swa swa”. – “Wooswa swa swa”.
“Wooswa swa swa”. – “Wooswa swa swa”.
– “Wooswa swa swa swa”. – “Wooswa swa swa swa”. – Great.
– That ad-lib was… – It’s impromptu.
– That ad-lib makes it sound sadder. – You’re the ad-lib man.
– I’ll be the ad-lib man. – We can take turns being the ad-lib man.
– Take turns. – Ad-lib man. Great. – Lastly, the Belly Button team.
– Belly Button. – Do-hyon, you come in
whenever you want, OK? – Answer me.
– Yes. Jun-ho’s scary. Drop the beat! – “Move!”
– Belly button! – “Move!”
– Belly button! – “Move your belly button!”
– Belly button! Belly button. On what count do you go in? “Un” belly button? What was that? Mr. Un belly button! – This segment…
– Un belly button. Un-belly-button man. Un belly button, you said. – I think this segment allows us to see
all the members getting better. – Right. You can watch them grow. That’s right. So, X1’s “A day we dream of ONE IT”. We made a logo song, and commercial songs, too. – We should really use these songs.
– OK. – Sounds good. Now, for some serious conversation… – Next time…
– I’ve been serious the whole time! – We all were! – Right?
– We were very serious the whole time. – We were serious men.
– Speaking of… – The serious men.
– Which team do you think did best? – Team Wooswa.
– Really? – Problem Solvers.
– Problem Solvers. – Hyeong-jun’s “Problem Solvers!” was…
– “Problem Solvers!” That was the highlight. – I liked Seung-youn’s unpredictable
ad-lib. – That was great. – I loved it. – Right?
– I choose Mr. Un belly button. – Me too. Mr. Un belly button, I hope he sends us
a message, too. Mr. Un belly button. All teams, please make sure you sing the
logo song and the commercial songs a lot! – Will do!
– We’ll practice hard. X1’s “A day we dream of ONE IT”. We came up with the program title, we decided on what content each team
would like to make, and we made a logo song, and commercial songs. – It feels like we’ve just built a new house for
X1 and ONE IT. – Right. Let’s take turns talking about
how it was today. Let’s go one by one. I was in charge of the serious part today. So, I want to come back with a more
fun content next time. We have a lot of fun things prepared for you. Today, I was rather serious. But, I’ll make sure I make you laugh
next time I come back. I’m looking forward to it. Like Seung-youn said, I hope we can make
a more fun show next time. We’ll make sure we prepare thoroughly so ONE IT can enjoy our show even more
next time. This was meaningful in that
it was a new experience for me. I hope we can do this for a long time! – I hope so, too.
– Let’s be together for a long time. I thought it was brilliant that
we split into teams to entertain ONE IT. I’m looking forward to our next shows
because I feel like we can show our fans
some new sides. We’ll work harder. You’re saying that you were rather serious today,
but you were really funny! I can’t imagine how much more fun it’d be
when you’re not serious! We’re a fun group. I’ll work hard to be as fun as the others! This was our first time doing a radio-only show,
not a visual radio. So I was a little nervous in the beginning. But I had fun today. I’ll do my best to be the fun problem solver
who gives you good advice. Every time we went on a radio show, we always felt like we didn’t get to
show everything. But we’re going to do this often, – and we get to talk to ONE IT as the host
of our own show. – Right. – So I hope you are as excited as we are,
and enjoy our show. – Enjoy, man. – It’s our show, hosted and prepared by us.
– That’s right. We’ll do our best to give ONE IT a great time filled with fun and pleasure. – Thank you.
– Emotional man. – Emotional man.
– Giving-it-all man. – Problem solver? – That sounds like a real name.
– Yeah? – Hyeong-jun. – I love being able to communicate
with ONE IT together. I hope this show goes on for a long long time! OK, man. – OK.
– Mr. Un belly button. This was such a wonderful experience. I had so much fun. Thank you. You sound like you’re saying goodbye for good. Just like all the X1 members just said,
we hope that X1’s “A day we dream of ONE IT” lasts for a long time. – Yes.
– It’s time to wrap up now. – We can’t possibly say goodbye like this, right?
– Right. – Yes. – When are we coming back?
– Right. – I’m sad! – We’re sad, huh?
– Yes. We’re divided into three teams now, right? Next time, one of the teams will be back
as the host. – Which team could it be?
– It’s a random choice. – Right. – We don’t know either. You want to come back,
right? – Yes! It’s all up to the destiny man now. – The destiny man?
– There is such thing? He is a god. – So many “man”s!
– We should honor that god. Please keep your eyes out on
which team will be the host of the next episode! – Shall we say bye now?
– OK. Usually, a radio show has a signature line
for saying goodbye. – Should we make one as well?
– Great. – Something like, “Goodnight”.
– by Sung Si-kyung, right? “Goodnight”. Here’s an idea. If this airs in the evening, perhaps we could do this ASMR-style. – Don’t you put “man” in this one.
– Man? Goodnight man. That’s not… – Let’s make it nice and sweet.
– Sweet. – Here’s to a great day, man!
– Any ideas? Well, our show’s called “A day we dream of
ONE IT,” right? And I think this airs online through
the Internet, so we can’t call it an evening show. How about, “Closing the window, now”? – What are you closing?
– The window. I’m sure they have a window open
on the computer to listen to this show. This is not an actual radio show, right? – “Closing the window, now”.
– “Closing the window, now”. That is… – Isn’t that fun?
– “Closing the window, now?” – Would they get it?
– Wouldn’t they? Everyone, bring your cursors to the top,
and close the window. I like that. Every time we say “Fighting,” we always
have one person say it and respond as a group,
right? – Yes.
– Just like that, we could say this one by one. – One person starts, and then…
– So, it’ll be different every time? – That’s a great idea.
– I say, “Closing the window,” you respond with
“Closing the window”. – I like it!
– I like it. – That was just an idea.
– So… – I like it.
– I really like it. – Right? – I love it. – We’ll decide who says it that day.
– We’ll take turns hosting the show, so… – Right. – So, we can take turns within the teams.
– Yes. – I like that. – That’s how we should do it.
– I like it. – So who wants to say it today?
– The leader should go first. – Me?
– Yes. – The first. – Since this is the first episode. – You always
get to decide. – You’re always the first. Perhaps you could put “man” at the end
since that seems to be the buzzword today. – Man?
– Goodnight, man! – That’s so random.
– OK, man. – Alright. Let’s wrap up and say goodbye now.
– OK. – Am I really saying it?
– Yes. – For real?
– Big pressure, right? No pressure, but it is a little embarrassing. – It’s OK.
– No pressure, but it is a bit embarrassing. – Do you want to go home?
– No. I thought that’s what you meant. Sorry! – You have to do the tone, as well.
– He said, “Do you want to go home?” – Here we go.
– Here we go. Everyone, Power off. – What?
– Everyone, power off! Goodbye! – Bye-bye!
– See you later! – That was good.
– Bye! – Bye! – Bye-bye!
– Hang on. Should we say that again? Seung-woo, please upgrade it for us! – Got it.
– We can’t hear you from all the way here.
– I see. – We couldn’t hear you.
– Open, man! – Here we go. 2, 3! Everyone, goodnight! Everyone, goodnight! – Bye-bye, man!
– See you later! – We’ll be back! – This needs some work.
– Closing the window now! – Goodbye!
– Bye-bye, man! – Closing the window!
– We’re signing out now! Bye! See you later! The end!

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