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Your Class in 60 Seconds: Dental Radiology Lab

Your Class in 60 Seconds: Dental Radiology Lab

[ Music ] Hi, I’m Kim Speicher and I’d like to welcome you to Dental Radiology. Lab. Students accepted into the dental hygiene program here at Penn College take this course in their second semester. During this class they learn how to take film and digital dental radiographs on Dexter and then on patients. In this 3 hour class, dental hygiene students are taught the most current techniques and safety procedures in dental radiology. Students also learn how to process, mount and interpret dental radiographs which are all vital in the dental hygiene profession. They are then able to discuss these findings with the dentist who can in turn make a diagnosis. Dental radiographs are used to help access the oral health of patients and this lab allows dental hygiene students to become competent in this area. Thanks so much for joining me in dental radiology lab. [ Music ] [Music] [ Music ]

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  1. Kim Speicher, instructor of dental hygiene at Pennsylvania College of Technology, highlights dental radiology lab, a second-semester course for dental hygiene students. 

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